Suzy & Gilbert


Hello! We are Gilbert and Suzy - and this is our family! Let us tell you a little bit about our mission... We are a family-owned business, passionate about the health of the people and the planet. Although still training a few professional athletes, we had to temporarily close our doors to our fitness and athletic-performance business due to a necessary sale of the property it was located at. In the meantime, we wanted to be active participants in shaping the communities health by providing healthier food options in this natural food desert we call... West Covina! We are catering to those who look for organic, local, grass-fed, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, fair-trade, kosher, and more! We carefully decide which products will be on our shelves to provide an easier shopping experience for you. Not only are we providing food for everyone, but we are make sure our products are organic or not genetically modified. We have also committed ourselves to making sure there are no artificial colors within our store - ever. Everyday, we work hard to find the best local, organic farmers who will be providing much of the produce and meats you find sold in Elements Natural Foods and The Salad Box.

In addition, we are sourcing certified Fair Trade and Organic teas and coffees sourced directly from the farmer to the local blender or roaster ensuring quality, freshness, and helping farmers in developing countries make better trading conditions and promote environmental sustainability. (Even the wood you see in our store is from a sustainable source!)

Much of the produce is freshly cut in the morning and delivered by the farmer to our store in mid-morning. Some of the citrus and avocados will come in later in the day. Fresh produce is being delivered daily with most on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Don't miss out on our Farmer's Market Saturdays with fresh farm-to-market produce, occasionally live music and demos, and 10% off the already low-priced organnic produce and bulk bin items! Did I mention that have organic beer and wine as well? We are working with our local wineries and the best of organic imports, carrying a great selection of gluten-free, organic, and sulfite-free beer and wine. Our kitchen - The Salad box - offers a handful of fresh & organic signature salads sourcing many ingredients from local farms. Coming soon - create your own salad or turn any of your salads into a wrap! You can also pick up a fresh-pressed organic juice from our juice bar carefully prepared to ensure the enzymes are all intact giving you the best in nutrition.

Prefer a smoothie or acai bowl with the finest, freshest organic ingredients? We have those too! You can also find goodies such as fair-trade and organic teas and coffees sold by weight, or unplug and relax at our outdoor tables enjoying a fresh, hot cup. Cookies, cupcakes, desserts, and more will entice your sweet tooth, but even better - they are all organic and some cater to those that are gluten-free, vegan, or just those that love fresh, sweet goodness! Need to pick up something quick? Check out our refrigerator where we will be stocking grab-and-go wraps, rolls, sandwiches, snacks, dips, and more. (Coming soon) Check out our calendar! You will see all types of workshops being offered in the areas of nutrition, fitness, weight-loss, disease prevention, canning, composting, athletic performance nutrition, tea and coffee tastings, and much more! We hope that you enjoy our store! We are looking forward to meeting all of you! Gilbert, Suzy, & Family